Tips On Living a Christian Life:


In the book of Galatians Paul talks to the Galatians church and Christians about The nine fruits of the spirit and what is required in order to come into the kingdom of God. Applying
these nine spiritual fruits daily will satisfy you spiritually as long as you  keep God in your heart and his commandments.  


1. Love: Jesus commands us to love each other and pray for those who persecute us.


2. Joy:  Give God the honor, glory and praise in every situation of your life. He will see you through.


3. Peace:  Trust in God to be with you in all your problems. God is our ultimate comfort.


4. Longsuffering:   Wait patiently in prayer for God for he will hear your cry.


5. Kindness: Be concerns for others and show that you care.


6. Goodness: Put your love into action. Help those who can’t return the favor.


7. Faith:   Be Trustworthy and loyal in every part of  your life.


8. Meekness: Be willing to forgive and be calm.


9. Temperance: Do not do evil for evil.   Have self-control.


When we are transformed in our new spiritual life the Holy Spirit will step in and release us from the bondage of our ungodly ways.