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Megginson International Online Grand Opening March 26, 2012   

Megginson International (M.I.) is happy to announce our grand opening of our online spiritual website on March 26th! M.I. is an online spiritual organization specializing in helping people find answers in a confidential and spiritual way through our website and chat sessions. Sis. Sharon Megginson helps bring biblical guidance from the bible point of view. The devil is out to kill, steal and destroy but God is still in the saving, healing and blessing business.


Even though the world seems to be coming to an end the bible gives us hope of eternal life if we accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior and follow him and obey his word.

Sharon Megginson is on a non-stop spiritual campaign to help people all over the world get closer with God and bear good fruits of the spirit in their lives and to be able to ask for strength during their time of need until their storm passes. Sis. Sharon Megginson is reaching people
locally and globally through her spiritual website, healing seminars, as a spiritual
guidance advisor and through prayer and anointing. Sharon offers free online
spiritual classes at 
Sis. Sharon Megginson believes that “At the end of the day if I have helped one person come closer to their spiritual journey, I
have done what the Lord has required of me.”


That is just a few of the many possible ways to help my brothers and sisters in Christ with their spiritual journey. Sharon is anxious to tell your listeners how to get the spiritual help they need and find those who would like to partner with her in their area. Join us for our live chat session on facebook at between noon and 1pm on March 26th.


Contact Info:

Sis. Sharon Daniels Megginson

Phone: 469-454-8444