Megginson International Offers Solutions To Surviving Your Secret Places



Cedar Hill, TX. – People all over the world face many sensitive issues, which often
make it difficult to have and maintain a healthy life mentally, physically, and
spiritually. Having to admit to someone your failures, fears and pain are
sometimes hard to do face to face.


Stepping out of your comfort zone to find individual and safe help can be challenging. Where do you go, to find biblical, private and secure help without feeling ashamed when you are seeking spiritual help in your life. is a simple to use means to bring biblical guidance to people seeking God’s point of view about how the scriptures tell us to deal with our life issues.


The founders of found a need and filled it with online Spiritual service that is available to all who are seeking God’s guidance. The site
itself is easy to use, and our services are rendered to the saved and unsaved.


“We are not perfect at Megginson International but throughout our lives we have
encountered the power of God through his word for our salvation, healings, and
blessings. We learned through our own trials and tribulations the power of God for our breakthroughs and testimonies which have lead us down a successful spiritual, mental, and physical path God has prepared for us. We are not here to
tell you that once you use our services you will never have trials and tribulations
again but we are here to tell you how and where to look in the bible to find
strength to get through your rough spot.”


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Sis. Sharon Daniels Megginson

Phone:  469-454-8444