Meet Our People


We are a friendly group. Our humble leaders have been volunteering in their communities for many years and bring with them the ability to lead, inspire and care for your spiritual needs without condescension or hidden agendas.


With over 10 years of volunteer experience among our organization, our staff provides Megginson International with the inspiration and direction to keep it going and growing.


Pastor Sharon Daniels Megginson





Sharon Daniels Megginson is a Ordained Minister, Daughter, Leader, Role Model, Wife, Mother, Spiritual Friend, Bible & Scriptural Coach, Prayer and Healing Facilitator, Speaker, Author, Writer, Publisher, Adjunct Professor and many more gifts that are still to be determined.




Bio: Pastor Sharon Daniels Megginson started her spiritual journey in helping others heal spiritually in all areas of their life after she received her calling from the Lord. She has been blessed with spiritual senses to become in tune with other people's feelings and thoughts. Sharon is able to use her spiritual anointing to pray and speak with others and advise them on what the Holy Spirit guides. She has dedicated her life to use her spiritual abilities to assist others in growing spiritually and  personally. Sharon has a particular affinity for the youth and elderly.



"I want to be a blessing to you so you may be a blessing to others."